Covid-19 Has Helped Our Church Family Grow

Thanks to Covid-19, our church family is growing and extending around the world. This is the result of live streaming our services which we had not done prior to July 2020. Covid-19 gave us the push to do something we had talked about but never got around to; live streaming. Having never live streamed before, the learning curve was high but God blessed us with people who had the gifts and skills needed to make it happen.

That is when our church family began to extend to other parts of the world. We have viewers from South Africa, Brazil, Ghana, England and other places. Many of these individuals have family attending our congregation. Then there is Maurice from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is a fellow Presbyterian. His connection to our church began with him reacting to our services and then liking our church page. He sent us a video of a service at his church. How blessed we were to be able to view it during our Easter Service. Maurice and his family are now a part of our extended family at First Presbyterian and we are blessed.

It is unfortunate that churches are not able to have in person services at this time, but the church continues to worship and the gospel is faithfully preached week after week. With more and more churches live streaming since Covid-19 became a reality, the gospel is reaching more people han ever. Something good is happening because of Covid-19; it is not all bad.

Covid-19 Update: At this time no in person worship services will be held. Our services are live streamed on FB.