Unity in the Church

Society continues to go through a troublesome time due to Covid.

Even amongst God’s people, patience wanes and frustrations peek through
and clash, as people of faith take differing views and have contrary
opinions. Lately the issues seem to be between those choosing to get
vaccinated and those who are not. I pray that each of us can remember
that we are called to love one another in a manner consistent with Christ,
and maintain the unity of the Spirit – no matter what.
Even in our disagreements, we are called to love our brothers and sisters in
Christ, whether they share our opinions or not; whether we choose to get
vaccinated or not to get vaccinated. We need to get along with each other
and show that we are Christians by our love.  Even in our disagreements,
let us remember to pray for one another and seek God’s blessings in each
others lives. We need to see each other through the eyes of Jesus.
We need to be unified! We need to work towards unity.
Whatever church family you are apart of, there will be differences and it will
not always be easy to get along with one another, but that is what we are
called to – we are called to be unified. To God be the Glory!