The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For!

We are excited to announce that we will be able to have in-person worship services once again beginning Sunday, June 6th.
Our services will also continue to be live streamed on Facebook.
We are able to return with a maximum of 50 people attending; this includes ministers, musicians etc. Therefore our maximum number for congregants is 44.
In compliance with government regulations:
  • Please wear a mask as you enter the church until you leave.
  • We ask that you keep a social distance of 6 ft between you and others.
  • Those attending must pre-register.
  • Attendance taken at church is for contact tracing.
  • Hands to be sanitized upon entering building.
  • There will still not be any fellowship time following worship but it will come.

Registration is required: Either email: or call: (250)368-6066. 

Pre-registering for each Sunday service will continue until we are told otherwise.
June 6th is also Communion Sunday. There will be a prepackaged communion cup for you at the front door.
If you will be watching the live stream, please have bread and juice ready so we can partake together.
Revs M&G