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Christmas Thoughts from First Church

The book of Acts chapter two tells of the first Christian church that came into being at Pentecost.
The Jerusalem church’s zeal for worship and brotherly love was contagious. A healthy, loving church will grow in numbers. After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of something where people were genuine and authentic, where God got the credit, and people were becoming more and more kind and generous?
Inviting people to that church was easy because the people loved their church. I hope you love First church so much that it compels you to invite family and friends and even strangers to worship not only to special services like Christmas or Easter but every Sunday.
The church in Acts lived in the reality that they were entrusted with the message of the Gospel—the Good News that had the power to change people’s hearts. They had the privilege of telling people God loved them, Jesus died for them, and they could have a relationship with Him. Second Corinthians 5:19 puts it this way: “ … God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.” That was their message then, and it is ours today.
Are you committed to working together to become like the church in Acts: An authentic community of faith that worships God wholeheartedly, is growing spiritually, is investing in positive and eternal priorities, and is inviting our family, friends, neighbours, community, and the world to become part of His family?
A healthy Christian community attracts people to Christ. The Jerusalem church’s excitement for worship and brotherly love was contagious. A healthy loving church will grow in numbers.
What are you doing , what are we doing to making First church the kind of place that will attract others to Christ?
God has great plans for our church family and the Holy Spirit is moving . We are excited!!
Revs. Meridyth and Gavin


Communiaty Christmas Dinner

Please join us on Wednesday, December 19th at 5:30pm for our annual Community Christmas Dinner.

Please contact the church office Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8am- 12 Noon at 250-368-6066 or email us at to reserve your seat.

Everyone is welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing you there!

Unity Within the Church

The church lives to praise God. We have no higher calling than to offer the worship that belongs to God day by day, Sunday by Sunday. Through the preaching of the Word and the celebration of the Sacraments, in praise, prayer, teaching and fellowship, God sustains the life of the church.
(Living Faith, 7.3.1–7.3.2)